About Me

My Story

I've been a technology addict since as far back as I can recall. I learned to program at the age of 10 (BASIC) and owned my first Apple IIc at 12. Ever since, I've been immersing myself in newer technologies.

I worked for several startup and large companies. Startups I worked for have been acquired twice, allowing me to gain experience in managing larger teams, interact with customers, and work with C-Level executives. I became more proficient at managing development and delivery projects, often with global and remote teams.

When the time came to strike up on my own, I started Traveling Tech Guy. I was already traveling a lot, tech was in my blood, and my name did the rest :). Since then, I've helped several companies solve costly production problems, build their intial platforms, sell their products and train their developers.

My Core Values

1I haven't met a software problem I couldn't solve.

2I'm a quick learner, with an endless appetite to learn more.

3I provide world-class services, in all phases of the SDLC.

4I bring to the game over 15 years of software development, project management, and professional services skills.